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Top 3 Electric Scooters in 2019


Nowadays, the e-scooters are in huge demand and cover a large market share. People who choose a public transport option for reaching short distance locations get happy to ride in such a convenient vehicle. The e-scooter manufacturing companies are launching new models for adults and elders. People are curious to invest in an e-scooter model for covering short travel distances with an e-scooter rider. It has become a convenient option to ride along the pedestrian or on the roads. All the beginners can start with Eco-mode on the e-scooter. On the other hand, the experts will love to enjoy turbo-mode for a fast ride.

People are swapping a bus ride with an e-scooter. With the upcoming of e-scooters, it has been a relief for the bus travelers to avoid a sweaty ride. People are even enjoying to travel with an e-scooter to a school, college, park, and so on. Moreover, there is no problem related to the time since the e-scooter ride will make it fast to make you reach your destination in comparison with the bus ride. 


What are the parameters for choosing the best e-scooter model?

Most often, certain parameters exist which clearly define an e-scooter model as best or worst. For checking whether an e-scooter model is an excellent choice, note down the answers to the following questions:

1. What is the average performance of the model?

2. Does it feature a long-distance running range?

3. Is it built with a powerful motor?

4. What is the durability period associated with the model?

Some top-ranking e-scooter models

Zoom Stryder model

This e-scooter has become a top-ranked model in 2019. Just within its arrival, people adopted its use in a large number. It is an updated model as compared to all the traditional e-scooters. The powerful motor ensures fast ride with complete comfort. Zoom e-scooter team has not even compromised with the quality and assured a smooth performance. This is designed in a lightweight manner with only 23.8lbs, making the process of carrying easier than ever. Best of all, this e-scooter is designed to become a both children friendly and adult e-scooter.


Razor Eco-smart Metro

This e-scooter model designed in a refined manner with updated technology and features. It is built with a 500-watt power motor which comes up with a top speed ride of 18 miles/hour. For a fun and exciting ride, it is an ideal e-scooter model. The seat is easily adjustable for the driver’s convenience and comfort. It can cover a maximum distance of 10 miles/charge. Generally, it takes 12 hours to completely charge for covering a long distance. This e-scooter is designed in a flimsy manner with a weight of 67 pounds.


Dualtron X

For ensuring a high satisfaction level, Dualtron X e-scooter model is the best. In terms of performance, there is no trouble while riding on bumpy surfaces. It is the most extreme e-scooters designed stylishly. It is manufactured with the application of highly competitive strategies and advanced technology. It is built with a powerful battery pack of 31.5 Ah along with premium quality LG cells. The MAX 2700-watt BLDC hub-less motor ensures smooth operation in a hassle-free manner.


Who invented electric scooters?

Generally, electric scooters are often known as “plug-in electric motor vehicles” manufactured in 2-3 wheels. A rechargeable battery is attached in the electric scooters as a source for electricity, which helps drive the electrical motors. Nowadays, electric scooters are rising high in demand. It has become convenient to use them, which builds up a growing market over the globe. Most often, people are unaware that the modern build-up scooters are capable of tracing their patrimony from the far back period of 1895. This was the time when the application as filed for the first patent of the electrical transportation gadgets used for personal purposes. Exploring the history of electric scooters is fun without any doubt and opens up detailed information related to its invention.


Past time: Unveiling some important facts

People have experienced the joy of technology from an early back period. Though any direct impact has not been observed in the modern electric scooter performance, it becomes fascinating to unveil the lineage of current scooter models. The business for electric bikes and motorcycles has developed a lot over the past years. Though, the market for electric scooters was highly demanding and grew popular quickly. With a bewildering surprise, it is stupefying to learn that the “first electric scooter” came into invention just two decades back with a weight of 250 pounds.


First patent application: Learn everything about it

In the records, it is mentioned that the first patent was filed for the electric motor vehicle during the time of late back 1895. Ogden Bolten Jr. (Residence of Ohio, Unites States) emerged as the inventor to file the patent. The design crafted by Ogden remains rudimentary in the present scenario. Though, it remained as a revolutionary design in the past time.


What about the first time for electric vehicles to get aired in front of the public?

At the former time, it was this era which gave light to one of the greatest hits “Stanley Cycle Show” which is situated in London. In 1896, the show gave light on the first display of an electric bike among the audience. This bike came with eye-catching features including batteries used for generating power to the rear wheel, and so on.


Stand-up vehicle or scooter: What was its first emergence?

In the past 1915, a flagship device came into introduction which was named “Autoped.” This device was based on gasoline power sources which marked up the first-ever offering. In 1919, a German constructor takes over Autoped and continued its production just for 2 years ahead.


Forming the first electric motor vehicle company: Contribution by two brothers

During the last back 1936, two brothers residing in Brussels came with the foundation of the first electric vehicle company which was named “Sovovel.” During the time of German province, the company kept continuing its production process and achieved huge success in the period. Woefully, this opportunity was not enough for the company to capture huge demand after the ending of the war.


The invention of Commercial scooters

Peugeot produced the first electric commercial scooter for the customers and made it easily available to the public during 1996. The first scooter weighs about 250 pounds. The 3 horsepower DC motor was triggered with 3 batteries (made from nickel-cadmium) in the electric scooter.



As can be seen, the electric scooter has been around for over a century, and is making people everywhere go wild over it. But what about the future for this vehicle? You can read more about this interesting topic here.




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